Bulk Rename Files in Linux

There are many ways to bulk rename files in Linux. Some with command line magic, some via a graphical user interface. A useful utility that I have found is something kind of in between both methods. First, you must install renameutils and use qmv with your favorite text editor. In Ubuntu this can be done … Continue reading Bulk Rename Files in Linux

What I Do After A Fresh Ubuntu Install

I use a variety of operating systems on my computers, from Mac to Windows to various flavors of Linux. I have recently installed Ubuntu 19.10 on my ThinkPad X250. Ubuntu works very well for me however there are some relatively new things that I find I am better off doing without; in particular Snaps and … Continue reading What I Do After A Fresh Ubuntu Install

Converting STATA DTA file to CSV file

I have burgeoning interests in data science and applications toward organ transplantation. I have gotten a hold of transplant data from UNOS.  With so much data out there, we can use statistics to answer a lot of questions and understand patterns in transplantation. Unfortunately, the format they send comes as a STATA file. STATA is an … Continue reading Converting STATA DTA file to CSV file