What I Do After A Fresh Ubuntu Install

I use a variety of operating systems on my computers, from Mac to Windows to various flavors of Linux. I have recently installed Ubuntu 19.10 on my ThinkPad X250. Ubuntu works very well for me however there are some relatively new things that I find I am better off doing without; in particular Snaps and the telemetry.

While I understand the utility in Snaps, AppImage, Flatpak, etc. I feel like it is not applicable to my needs as many of the applications I use are found in as traditional .deb packages. Furthermore, I find that Snaps like the Gnome Calculator are painfully slow and not optimized. That many change with time as more packages are moved away from .deb and toward universal systems but for now I have decided to minimize my need for Snaps. I also find that the telemetry that is baked into many operating systems are intrusive. I try to steer clear as best as I can from these services as do not see how they benefit me, either.

Here is what I do after a fresh Ubuntu installation:

sudo snap remove gnome-calculator gnome-characters gnome-logs gnome-system-monitor
sudo apt install gnome-calculator gnome-characters gnome-logs gnome-system-monitor
sudo snap set system refresh.timer=00:00~24:00
sudo apt purge ubuntu-report popularity-contest apport whoopsie

The following is optional as I don’t use the Software Center:

sudo apt remove gnome-software-plugin-snap

I am placing this as a reminder note for me to follow in the future during fresh installs, but I hope you find it useful! P.S., remember LibreOffice and VLC are currently defaulted to install as snaps. You can take a look at your active list of installed snap apps by typing:

sudo snap list

If you wish, you can remove the snap version of these apps and install them via apt like so:

sudo apt install libreoffice vlc